Kangana Ranaut has been in news for the past 10 days giving interviews regarding the famous, namely Hrithik Roshan and Aditya Pancholi and the not-so-famous writer Apurva Asrani. When the first look of ‘Simran’ was out, Apurva Asrani had created controversy by writing an open letter targeting Kangana and she getting the additional dialogue & story credit before him.

Kangana clarifies Apurva Asrani issueBut in her recent interview to India TV, Kangana that chose to clarify her stance on the whole Apurva Asrani issue might have irked Asrani yet again.

Asrani seems to have had enough regarding this issue and wrote an open letter. Though he hasn’t named Kangana, but the questions he has raised does make us wonder if the letter is after all that Kangana has spoken about him.

Excerpts from the Open Letter:

I’m frigging tired of this wave of pseudo-feminism that has swept our timelines and I want to call it out once & for all. Because women who transgress the limits of decency & fair play by saying ‘men did it, so why can’t we?’ only compound the problem.

We have become a society that celebrates a woman for being a ‘rule breaker’, but shames a man for the same. You forget that this breaking of rules, irrespective of gender, has a far deeper effect. It tramples on the lives of innocent people–those that you carelessly write off as collateral damage. I’m not ok with that.

I have seen many prolific women journalists celebrate these so called ‘rule breakers’ and I want to ask them this question, ‘are you investigating thoroughly? Are you asking the difficult questions?? Or are you cutting someone slack because she’s also a woman? Because she is ready to do battle where you can’t, will you turn a blind eye when she actually could be wrong?? Shouldn’t you be holding both sexes equally accountable??’

And lastly, I’m not ok with film makers getting bullied and writers getting fucked over just because you are an outspoken woman. Injustice is injustice. Period

You can read the entire letter here:

To give you a background of the whole fight for the credits of ‘Simran’, here are some posts that Apurva had written in May which garnered an equal reaction from Kangana and director Hansal Mehta then.

The whole issue became a who-said-what episode and Apurva did end up getting the much-deserved credit in ‘Simran’. Now, would this open letter skirt another controversy?


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