With his bizarre demands for the maiden India trip, Justin Bieber has already brushed a lot of Indians the wrong way. So much so that a lot of Beliebers are now converting themselves to be non-Beliebers. Post the list of the desired items to be made available to Bieber from the time he puts his foot on the Indian soil, we now hear that a select few will get a chance to see the singer backstage. Mind you, we said see not meet

Justin Bieber India tourYes, those select few who can cough up Rs 75,000 can go backstage and see Justin Bieber. Those with this special pass have to give away their cell phones and will be taken backstage and Justin Bieber will be “shown” to them from a distance. So in short, after paying Rs 75k there won’t be any proof of you seeing the singer from so close. Sigh!

Justin Bieber India tour

We can’t help but think of Justin as a rare species from another planet who will be up for display on the 10th of May just like our very own Penguin brethren who are currently residing in the Byculla Zoo. But they are definitely 100 times cheaper to see than Bieber.

Justin Bieber India tourSo which one will you pick? Psst: You can for sure take a selfie with a Penguin!

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