Cast: Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Tapsee Pannu, Rajpal Yadav, Anupam Kher
Director: David Dhawan
Running time: 145 minutes
Rating: 2.5 Stars

Twinning for Fun, this one.

David Dhawan’s comic capers have their staple ingredients set – slapstick comedy, guffaw inducing dialogues, actors with good comic timing, full throttle dance numbers, politically incorrect moments and a few cringe worthy sexist scenes thrown in to complete the picture.

So when the butt slapping Raja (Varun Dhawan in his rogue avatar) calls someone else ‘molesty’ later in the film, it doesn’t add quite add up. But then, it’s a David Dhawan film right? So logic can take a backseat for a couple of hours.
But does it all come together to make a full-blown entertainment package that Bollywood fans dig about his movies? For the most part it does.

Just that Judwaa 2, stops a little short of the original Salman Khan starrer Judwaa, which in the age of single screens was a monster hit! While Varun Dhawan does have big shoes to fill, he manages to keep the proceedings fun for most of the runtime.

Prem and Raja, twin sons of a rich businessman, Rajeev Malhotra are separated at birth thanks to a baddie. But there is a theory of ‘connected reflexes’ which still connects the two even though their personalities are poles apart. Goody two shoes Prem grows up in London getting the best of education – he is not on Facebook, plays the piano, prefers to drink milk over alcohol, is bullied in college & can’t put up a fight. Raja, on the other hand, is brought up in a Kohli village in Mumbai’s Versova and is the quintessential tapori who wears crotch tight pants, butt slaps women and gets into street fights. In a bid to escape the repercussions of a fight gone out of hand, Raja cons his way to London along with his sidekick, Nandu (Rajpal Yadav). And literally sets in motion the ‘connected reflexes’, which induces much laughter for good measure. So do the comedy errors that following to the mistaken identities!

Both Jacqueline Fernandez and Tapsee Pannu look a million bucks and are effective in their roles as Varun’s love interests Ashika and Samara. And of course, match their steps perfectly to the reprised numbers ‘Tan Tana Tan’ and ‘Oonchi Hain Building’. But that’s about it. Their role doesn’t ask any more of them.

Its Varun who jumps off buildings, shoots off bicycles, lands on car, fights off the villians, does a few Shah Rukh Khan impressions and says dialogues like ‘Jo main bolta hoon, woh main karta hoon or jo main nahin bolta, woh main Whatsapp karta hoon’ and ‘Don’t underestimate the power of a pizza boy’… you get the picture? And since there are two of them, the other helps to crack in a few laughs with his perfect boy role-play done to the T. Varun Dhawan as Prem and Raja does put up a good show.

Of course, there are parents to be reunited with, baddies to beat up and a host of cameos by the likes of Asrani and Ali Asgar who drum up a few laughable moments. And most important cameo of them all by Salman Khan himself – in his Judwaa avatars.

If a David Dhawan film has raked in laughter it’ s probably done it’s job but it’s 2017 and the director needed have have accounted for the mindset change and done away with outdated concepts like making fun of speech disabilities or the sexist overtones.


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