When the first iPhone launched a decade ago, it was reviewed by only four Professional Gadget Reviewers and today you can find multifarious articles and videos online.

With the iPhoneX launch, It is clear that this phone has been able to capture consumer interest across the world and the good news is today it’s the launch of iPhoneX in India.

Who doesn’t like to have an iPhoneX? Well if someone says NO! Then its hard to believe for me.

There are n-number of YouTube videos and articles reviewing iPhoneX and by now you must be aware of FaceID, Animoji, 60fps 4K video recording option and Super Retina HD, color-accurate OLED with HDR. But here we are going to discuss few features which might excite you.

Size – Actually, at 5.8 inches the iPhoneX packs a larger screen than iPhone 8 plus but significantly smaller in size.iPhone-8 vs iPhone 7-sizeFaceID – On iPhone X, you can now wake the device by taping the screen (like an Apple Watch). This lets you see notifications on the Lock Screen without an authentication step. FaceID also does some other exciting things on your phone. On your home screen, you get that notification for your text messages that are locked with private ID form. So when you look at the phone they expand out so you can see the full content.

Apple iphone X Face idSwipe – Swipe up for home and swipe down for control settings.

iphone x Swip upAugmented Reality – The true depth camera on the front and the way it has been designed is obnoxious so your phone can be the camera which can see the world and interact with it.

Apple iphone X Augmented RealitySelfie Portrait – If we speak about camera then again top-notch effort from iPhone. Stabilization in photo mode and the new 3D camera on the front side allowing the portrait shots in selfie mode. The 7-megapixel camera that we all use for selfies is now a Selfie Portrait Mode camera.

Apple iphone X Portrait Mode3D Launch of Camera – Being able to tap and the 3D touch to quickly launch the Camera is a welcomed new feature.

iPhone X 3d TouchPortrait Mode – Apple’s TrueDepth Camera can handle multiple faces in portrait mode, though I found it did best with two.

iphone x multiple ppl portrait modeFaceID & Identical Twins – There is one way to fool Face ID, It fails to recognize the identical twins and Apple have already acknowledged this: identical twins. I tried it, so I know. It’s one reminder that, while facial recognition is super convenient, it’s not perfect.

iphone x techBetter pictures in Low Light – Improvements in Low light image capture with new zoom stabilization. Even without using the greatly improved functionality of the LED flash, the faster sensor and smarter logic driving the camera system results in major improvements when taking shots in low light. Add in the new zoom stabilization and things have improved a lot in 2017 iPhones’ ability to take great shots.

iphone x low lightThe Side Button – Apple’s new name for the “power/wake button.” A press and hold on the Side Button open Siri. A triple tap on the Side Button can be assigned to an accessibility feature, such as Assistive Touch, Switch Control, VoiceOver or Zoom, or you can configure it to present a custom menu of those features. Tap the Side Button along with Volume Up to capture a screenshot you can then crop and edit using Markup controls. You can also now record the screen as a video by adding the Screen Recording feature to in the new iOS 11 Control Center. If the phone becomes unresponsive, you can press volume up, down and then hold the Side Button until it restarts to show the Apple logo.

iphone x Side buttonIf you already own Apple’s last generation iPhone 7 or planning to buy latest Apple phone then you should go for iPhone X, which will feel more advanced and new than the basic iPhone8 update. iPhone X does involve new behaviors and get rid of TouchID which is the new era of Apple.

Apple iPhone X price in India: Rs 89,000+


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