Why Indian men suck at playing Gent! Is ‘Penis Size’ reason for chauvinism?

    Source - Mandatory.com

    Indian men? Oh no no! Keep them at arm’s length say the English fair ladies. The French squeal ‘Non’. And the smiling American blondes smile no more in the face of the desimard; for fear of uninvited molestation, rape or a visual undressing at the least.
    The Indian gent gets a battering in the world view of women as they see gentlemen.

    Rapes, molestations and crude gesticulations aside, stories of honor killings, oppressed girl children and domestic violence against the fairer sex don’t exactly paint a flattering picture.
    Stories from out of even the most urbane offices bear the stench of a small time scoundrel who’s never really grown up. However polished his BOSS-shoes and suit and however shiny his car. A man is defined by the way he treats the other gender(s) and not walking in step with the female of the species is a most heinous of crime in an ever-expanding and politically correct world.

    At a time when Iceland is triumphant in winning equal wages for men and women, France has offered paternity leave to husbands so that they can help their wives and Europe, in general, is more equal than others in equality for all, Indian men – especially unforgivable, of the working class variety –being accused of ‘harassment’ and ‘innuendo’ and ‘indecent proposals’ in a supposedly ‘safe’ (work) environment – is a huge egg on the face.

    A well-known director from Phantom films; a co-founder of a well-known content generator making whoopie online, a viral comic-spoofer of a popular National TV anchor – all accused of lewdness and unsolicited advances by female staff. Alarm bells? Not really. It’s just a list that grows on and on and no checks and balances in place to stop this unbridled use of a powerful chair.

    Until the rules get tougher and an example is made in the genuine cases (given that there can be instances of misuse too by a woman lustful of achieving fame via power – but that’s rare. Considering that most women wouldn’t raise an alarm if there wasn’t anything to be alarmed about); the rampage will remain. Courts need a swifter and stronger punitive measure to hold scoundrels in their pants before they grow out of them. The penalty should be stiffer than the erections of lascivious males at the workplace and in public. That’s the only deterrent for the chauvinist in the Indian. Yes, there are gents galore, but few and far in between.

    As for why they are so brutally chauvinistic? A smiling female psychiatrist has the answer. “Most men have this constant need to prove their manhood. And for them, their measure lies in the length of their penises (sigh, Freud sure had it all screwed up, uh stitched up). And Indian men – according to a survey by Mandatory.com and it’s ‘penis map’, have the second smallest average penis in the world at 4 inches, a notch above Korea at 3.9 inches (get the obsession with missiles and warheads?).

    Hard to believe right? But ask the girls.It’s never about the penis on the man. It’s always about the man on the penis. Get the attitude right. The rest is all a play of words, hands, and a stiff upper lip! And we are being politically correct ‘dicks’ here!

    – The JINNS


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