It is often said that “habits can either make or break a person”.  You think that your daily habits need some attention? The regular bits of our day to day life might be right or wrong but in the end, they become a routine. We have so many things to look out for that we hardly sit back and think about our daily routine. At least I don’t what about you? Have you ever taken the time to give it a thought? Well, if you haven’t then it’s high time that you do.

Daily Habits You Need to Work On


Many of us need to exercise in order to lose weight but there are some of us who are blessed with a great body. Which category do you fall into? Well, exercise is a lot more than just losing weight and maintaining a good figure. Exercising regularly helps you set a good concentration level and increases your stamina. It is a good way to kick start your day with a pinch of a workout. The workout can vary from person to person. Make it a habit to meditate after you wake up, that’s the least you could for your body.

Stay Hydrated

Do you get restless while working? Many of us do and this is only because your body is not well hydrated. Drink water at regular intervals. One of the most important habits that we need to include in our lifestyle is drinking warm lemon water as and when you get up. Not only does this spike your energy level for the rest of the day but it helps in better absorption. Do not eat anything post drinking for 15-20 minutes. This could, in fact, be the best time to exercise.

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Got Into The Real Breakfast Yet?

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.
It indeed is. Researchers tell us that people who indulge in any sort of breakfast every day are less likely to be obese and have a better sugar level. This is just about the people who eat any sort of breakfast. Imagine when you eat a healthy diet in your breakfast, how much better it would be for you. Now, people who eat a healthy breakfast are more energetic, have a better concentration level for a longer period of time and hence they might end up having a very productive day.

Sufficient Sleep Is a Yes

Are you amongst those night owls who don’t sleep during the regular human sleeping hours? Every person has a different work schedule but a very large part of being productive in a day depends on good sleep at night. Of course, you might manage to sleep on the way or during different hours in the day time but the perfect sound sleep at night works best. Eat light at night and get off to bed. This will also help you in managing a good morning routine.

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Keep That Phone Aside

We live in a high-tech era. Everything around us is technology oriented. The mobile phone is something that no one can think of surviving without. Well, you don’t need to think of a life without gadgets; just make a habit that doesn’t disrupt your day to day productivity. Many of us have a habit of checking our phones first thing in the morning; let’s give us some time before we check our notifications.

Plan Your Day

Every person has a day planned for them. Now, this planning could either be for you or you can make plans and set it as a plan for you. A proper planning is mandatory for a successful implementation. Set your goals straight and allocate yourself a time period to get it done in that duration. It is not necessary that you will end up completing the targeted goal according to the plan but with time you will definitely get better. Keep trying.

Multitasking Everytime?

Are you one of those people who just can’t work on a single task at a time? I have been there and trust me it seemed really fulfilling at the time but it isn’t the case in reality. When we multitask, we do not give our full attention any particular task. As an individual, it is for you to decide how important a task is for you, based on that outcome give your full attention to it. If there is something you consider not so important might not actually be worth investing time on, just take your call and be careful about where you invest your time on.

Well, aren’t these some of the basic habits that become a routine and we end up following them irrespective of considering them for a right or a wrong? Got something to add? Share it with us.


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