We all might assume that the famous Hrithik-Kangana spat has died its natural death, but probe Kangana about it and she has something else to say. The furious actress sets the record straight in an interview with CNN News18’s Rajeev Masand. We get you the excerpts of the controversial interview and how Kangana refuses to remain silent when up against the powerful family of Bollywood.

Hrithik runs away from Kangana Ranaut
Hrithik and Kangana in Happier times

The case didn’t die down. It had a proper end.

To me, for me, it’s important how people write, it died down. It didn’t die down. There is a proper end to it, he claimed many things that there was an imposter, but he failed to prove anything and that the report of cyber crime which is nil. Also, he and his father claimed that they will expose and shock people, they didn’t say anything. You can’t just go about maligning someone, slapping a notice on someone. He slapped a notice on me that she has caused great damage to me and harm to me and my reputation because she called me the silly ex, I am the silly ex and she should apologise to me. He could not prove, that he was the silly ex-i was referring to and could not prove the damages I caused. He took another route that she did have an affair but it wasn’t me it was someone else and I will bring that person and show the world which he couldn’t prove. The cyber crime gave the report that the account that has closed years ago and the emails that he has written from my account to himself that he released, those were of many years ago.

Why wait 2 years to register a complaint with cyber crime?

He was building his case to prove me (sic), whatever the agenda was, the point is as a person, the aftermath doesn’t work for me that Hrithik has made it into circles and it died down. Why can’t media write that he made a fool of himself? Has he proved the imposter? Why did he slap me with that stupid notice? Why is he coming and crying of emails now that was written 2 years ago? If someone is harassing you, would you wait for 2 years? And why did he complain to cyber crime after 2 years? When the cyber crime has given nil report that there was no imposter, why is he not telling the media, media knows about it.

Hrithik and his father have made a fool of themselves.

I am here to make you understand what happened. People say her film is coming out, but it’s not about one film, it’s about the relationship I have with you my family my friends. If you are going to ask me 100 times I will reply 100 times. Today also people ask me about the unfortunate incident with Aditya Pancholi, today also I reply even though I was a minor then, so don’t tell me what I should talk about what I shouldn’t. Ask me more about it, I will simplify it for you because he (Hrithik) on purpose has made it into circles so people don’t get it, people get confused what happened, so this is what happened in this case. He and his father have made a fool of themselves, they should apologise to me in public or if they don’t want to apologise I will simplify and clarify to those who ask me about it.

He utilized my account in an illegal way.

I was not confident because he has written so many emails to himself from my account. He had hacked my account and I had complained to his father because I didn’t know what he does with it. He had my password but I didn’t know he would utilise it in such an illegal way. I told his father about it when we were shooting for Krrish and he promised he will help me with it, but he didn’t. So I shut those accounts and got over with it. But the thought that what if she opens her mouth, that thought is killing him and that’s why he has planned all this. He has also utilized some of my letters, 4-5 were mine, I was in New York and I had written those love letters to him. He then said take my laptop, take her laptop, that I refused to give it to the cops. There were cops in my house, how can I refuse to give my gadgets to cops, so many stories he bought and so much of dirty PR he did. I thought people understood everything when the cyber report came cause this case is over.

I was scared for my life.

They are big people, they have a lot of money, all kinds of threats used to come. People from the industry used to call me and threaten me that they will put you in jail, say sorry say sorry! Journalists used to call my sister and say, your sister is not safe, put her in a safe house. I was scared for my life. All sort of things happens when you talk about your extra marital stuff. Look at what happened at that Malayalam case. What that man did to the girl for complaining to his wife. He got her raped, he got her videos circulated, of course, it happened after my case but of course, girls get pregnant, they get shot at, they get killed. All kind of things happen. But my point is when this case happened I was clear I will not say sorry to him. The case didn’t die its natural death, his PR says nothing came of it, why nothing came of it? They didn’t find an imposter. I am here now, ask me anything, I have no problem in explaining. I needed some time off because I didn’t know I am part of such a big scam. This man has prepped for 2 years to put me behind bars for having an affair with him.

Hrithik runs away when he sees me now.

He runs away when he sees me. In fact, when our break up happened in 2014, after that, one year when he was harassing me and stalking me. I told his father that he is stalking, harassing me and hacked into my account and is not letting me get into any other relationship. His father said I will arrange for a meeting for both of you and since then I am hoping to have a meeting with him. I want to ask him, he is telling the world he doesn’t know me. I can hold my head high, I can walk wherever I want to, why is he hiding? He isn’t talking about this issue. When he had to send the notice, where was his dignity then? You say you don’t know me, then why would you do two films with me? You roll and dance on the floor at my birthday party and you say you don’t know her? if what he claims I have some mental problem then why would he repeat me in his home production?

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