If you are reading this, we can safely assume you are a travel buff and looking for more options in travel jobs. And totally sympathize with the fact that it’s always not feasible to just travel the world without a care. There is after all, a matter of money & of course time – what with regular jobs & all! But despair not – there is hope – because we are here to tell you about Jobs that let you travel! So here’s a list of jobs that would actually pay and fulfill your desire to travel.

Best Travel Jobs

Digital Nomad

Digital Nomads work on their computers, which makes them location independent. Such people are dependent on the Internet. As long as they have internet access they can function just fine. They can work from a coffee shop in some place miles away.

Travel guide

If you love to travel, adventure, and exploration; then you might want to consider the tour guide job. You become the official ambassador and all your allowances are taken care by the company you work and in turn, get paid. What more could ask for?


That something fascinating exit is well and good but what good it is if no one is aware of its existence? Well, it’s the responsibility of the PR person to bring the required visibility. You must enter the PR world if traveling is your forte. You get quite a few perks as well.

Travel Photographer

A little disclaimer – you need to be very good and passionate about photography if something like this interests you. There are many photographers who are not good with their work and complain about the not so great facts about this job. Well-paid travel photographers are jacks of all trades.

Best Travel Jobs JinnionsTeacher

Become an English teacher in a foreign country. You may not realize it, but the professional English Teacher are highly sought after around the world – and the pay can be decent. However, just understanding the language isn’t enough, you generally need a college degree and a TEFL certification.

Travel Writer

A travel writer can explore the world all year round if they choose, seeing the sights and sharing their experiences with the world. However, a successful writer should be well recognized in their field in order to monetize their passion.

Cruise Ship

Traveling the world while employed on a cruise ship is a splendid approach to see some pretty bizarre places. Food, accommodation, transportation and insurance is covered. There are different types of positions available: deckhand, chef, tour manager, engineer, and more.

Airline Pilot/ Staff

It’s a job that allows you to fly off to different destinations throughout the month! And while it could be hectic & stops at destinations short – sometimes a long layover may allow you to explore the city you’re in. Also, an added advantage being all the travel perks you get with the job e.g: discounted tickets.

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