Ellen DeGeneres is on a mission. A mission to save her world record of the maximum re-tweets. Yes! you are reading it right. Ellen’s 2014 Oscar tweet was re-tweeted for a record of 3.3 million times and is now threatened by a boy who wants 1 year of free nugget supply from Wendy’s.

Nugget Boy Tweet
The Nugget Boy’s appeal to Wendy’s

On 5th April 2017, a boy named Carter Wilkerson sent out a casual tweet to Wendy’s asking how may re-tweets are required for a one-year free nugget supply and surprisingly Wendy’s replied saying 18 million. Carter who has now being nicknamed as the ‘Nugget Guy’ has already got 2.8 million re-tweets which are also close to breaking Ellen’s 3.3 million re-tweets records.

Ellen Oscar Selfie
Ellen DeGeneres famous Oscar selfie that got a record 3.3 million re-tweets

Now Ellen has reached out to her fans to safeguard her world record and made an appeal to re-tweet Carter’s tweet but also re-tweet hers. In turn, she will still hold the record and Carter will reach his 18 million marks.

But if you think this is just one of Ellen’s shows, then you should be surprised to know that Ellen has roped in Hollywood heartthrob Bradley Cooper to join her mission. After all, it was Bradley who clicked the famous Oscar selfie.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and pick a re-tweet!

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