What started as a race to 18 million retweets for one year of free supply of Nuggets from Wendy’s has now turned into a battle between Ellen DeGeneres VS Carter Wilkerson. In a quest to get free Nuggets, Carter might just end up breaking Ellen’s Oscar selfie record of 3.4 million retweets.

Ellen DeGeneres and Carter WilkersonIt all started with one harmless tweet from Carter to Wendy’s asking how many retweets for a year full of free supply of Nuggets and to his surprise and now to ours, Wendy’s replied saying 18 million. This snowballed into an online crusade by the Twitteratis to make him reach his goal of 18 million.There is also www.cartervsellen.com that keeps live score between Ellen and Carter.

Ellen DeGeneres nugget boy tweet VoteEarlier, when TV show host Ellen had got a whiff of the tweet and felt threatened by Carter, DeGeneres made an appeal to her fans to retweet Carters tweet but also retweet hers at the same time. This, to safeguard her title of the world record. She also roped in actor Bradley Cooper to make a heartfelt appeal.

But as it seems, Carter has reached uncomfortably close to Ellen’s record. Carter’s tweet now stands at 3.3 million retweets as compared to Ellen’s 3.4 million retweets.


Ellen DeGeneres nugget boy tweetEllen DeGeneres Oscar TweetWe don’t know if Carter will be able to reach the desired 18 million mark but we are guessing he might soon take away Ellen’s title and be the new record holder to the maximum retweets to a tweet. But knowing Ellen, we are pretty sure she will fight it out for every single retweet!


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