The impossible has happened. Move over Ellen DeGeneres, Carter Wilkerson is the new record holder of the maximum retweets to a tweet. Carter is now at 3.6 Million retweets whereas Ellen is at 3.4 million retweets. Ellen was the original title holder of the maximum retweets that her 2014 Oscar selfie got. But post Carter’s Nugget request tweet, the twitter world got together to help Carter topple Ellen’s title and claim it for himself.

Initially, Carter had to reach 18 million retweets for one year of free Nuggets supply from Wendy’s but on breaking and creating a new world record, Wendy’s was generous enough to go ahead and give away free nuggets anyway.

Carter also reached out to Ellen and apologised for breaking her record which she dearly tried to hold on to. Ellen’s response made it clear that she does want the bribe back which she had offered Carter to keep her record safe.

Ellen Degeneres selfie reacts

3.6 million retweets is a big target to achieve and Ellen might just need another Oscar Night to break and create a new record for herself. Looks like she has to wait a while cause next year too, Jimmy Kimmel will be hosting the Oscars.


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