Have you ever imagined how your life would be without your friends? I certainly can’t imagine one. In life, we come across different types of people. Some, we end up having a great bond with and the others are just a delight for a certain period of time. They all leave an impact on our lives and become a huge part of our memory lane. Well, every friend has a different place in our lives and that certainly cannot be traded for anything in the world. Here are some types of friends that you got to have.

8 Types of Friends We All Have


We all have this socially active friend who will be the first one to come into our minds whenever we need a club entry or just want an update about some place we are yet to explore. This person just knows so many people from every place they have been to that they are no less than a casting director from a movie.


There is this friend of ours who is always headed with some great advice and suggestions whenever we need some and sometimes we don’t. You feel low? Just talk to this friend. Need some cheering up done? Just pick up that phone and get started. They never ever fail to lend you a good talk.


We all have that one crazy and super excited friend. This friend is always high on energy and will constantly maintain it, even in the worst of times. Everything for them is extreme, happiness or sadness. They are always entertaining and sometimes annoying but that pinch of entertainment is, of course, a necessity.


This friend might just be your best pick. With them, you don’t even need to stay at the same place and it would still be same. Distance means no difference with such friendships. You can call them at any instant of time to share your happiness or grievances and they are always available on the other line taking a keen interest in whatever you have to say.


Well, this one is pretty fashionable. You would definitely want to try out their wardrobe which would be no less than a mall. Basically, these people are so obsessed with everything fashion oriented that they just cannot ignore. They are great fashion influencers and you will obviously take their advice for any fashion related query. They make the best shopping companions, so cherish them 😉


I am sure that you all have this one friend who will never fail to update the world about their whereabouts. They are super engaged with their phone and cannot move ahead with clicking a snap. They are selfie obsessed and you will a part of their Snapchat story if you happen to hang out with them.



This friend will make sure that you are well updated about the changes taking place in almost every person’s life that they know. They are just like a newspaper but the only difference is their update might not actually matter. These chatterboxes just need something to talk about and you sometimes need to act patiently to just let them finish.


This one friend would someone whose company is a delight. This person has the “I don’t care” attitude. They are very chilled out people and don’t give a damn about what people say and do. They also have a very cool attitude dealing with people. Basically when you want to just hangout with no worries, just give them a call. They are honest people who will not lie if they are free, so don’t worry if they say no.

Friendship is a lot more than just a bond. Cherishing friends is just what you should be when you are blessed with such amazing people around. Do you have any special kind of friend to add? Please share your opinions.


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