Dhinkchak Pooja has taken the internet by storm, literally. Her ‘Selfie Maine le li hai’ song might just prove to be a solution to all the selfie addicts. Watch it, cringe over it and refuse to take selfies ever again. A Delhi-based student, Dhinkchak Pooja has already got 4,152,278 views in one week. This isn’t the first time Dhinkchak Pooja struck the net, her ‘Swag Wali Topi’ got her 1,098,791 views on her personal channel on youtube.

Dhinchak PoojaSo Jinnions picks worst 5 music videos ever that made our ears bleed.

1. Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj – Dhinkchak Pooja

2. Eye To Eye – Taher Shah – 429,498 views

3. Angel – Taher Shah – 1,568,270 views

4. It’s My Life What Ever I Wanna Do- Vennu Mallesh – 9,652,299 views

5. Aunty Ki Gunty – Omprakash Mishra – 224,902 views

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