The race between Bahubali 2 and Dangal is still on as to which film will become the highest grosser ever worldwide. As of today Bahubali 2 stands at Rs 1586 Crores and Dangal stands at Rs 1548 Crores worldwide. Though Dangal released in December 2016, it has been only a month since Bahubali 2 released. The China release of Dangal has catapulted the box-office collections of the film and hence the rise in its worldwide collection even after 5 months of its India release.

Dangal in ChinaBut actor Aamir Khan is not taking this box office collection competition seriously. Yesterday evening at the premiere of Sachin A Billion Dream, Aamir Khan spoke about the neck to neck competition and was just happy for Indian Films doing well internationally. Khan said, “I am very happy the film is being appreciated so much in China and across the world. But I don’t think there should be any comparisons. I have not seen Bahubali 2 yet but it’s a very successful film and have heard so many good things about it. I feel there shouldn’t be a comparison between the two. Both are good films in their own rights, both are Indian films which are making the country proud. I am proud of Bahubali as well and as an Indian fan I would really appreciate the fact that the film is doing so well all over the world.”

Aamir Khan at the Premiere of Sachin a billion dreamsWell till the time Dangal is getting in all the moolah required doesn’t look like Aamir will be complaining. Whereas the makers of Bahubali are just ecstatic at the response a regional Indian film has got not only within the country but also worldwide.

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