Is commitment a big word for you? Marriage is about settling down, being stable and building your lives together. In a short while, you will be making mature, responsible decisions that will have a direct impact on not only yours but also your partner’s life. While all this is great and exactly how life is supposed to progress, there are a few things you need to stop and accomplish by yourself. A few of these are recreational, but most of these tasks will help you gain a strong sense of independence and individuality – both integral items to a successful and healthy marriage.

Crazy, Stupid, Commitment

1. Travel

We’re sure you’ve got your honeymoon destinations charted out, but we’re talking about solo travel. When you undertake a journey alone – whether it’s planning the route yourself or contacting a service for planned travel, this kind of adventure teaches you a lot about yourself. You will truly get a chance to be with yourself, put yourself in uncomfortable and maybe even unfamiliar surroundings and have a chance to see how you cope.

2. Do-a-DIY

You’ve saved about a hundred of those DIY tasks from Pinterest – well now it’s time to actually do at least one of them! Whether you decide to make a cute crochet cushion cover or paint your own wall, the feeling upon completion of said task will contribute to your sense of independence and accomplishment.

3. Argue!

Not with your mom, fruit vendor or a troll on the Internet – with your partner-to-be. Get into a raw, completely honest discussion that turns into an argument where you tell them everything you never wanted to. Get as real as you can (you don’t have to be mean), and then figure out a way to make up with each other. It’s going to happen eventually!

4. Rescue a pup

Or a cat, if you aren’t a dog person. This works better if you and your partner are able to be foster parents together, but also works for just you. If you’ve never had a pet before – good! This will give you insight into the future baby days, and how you will cope.

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5. Ask the dangerous questions

How much money have you saved? Will we ever move out of your parent’s house? What if you lose physical interest?
Yep, they’re the ones. Ask each other the questions you’ve thought are problems way into the future and you don’t need to think about; because guess what – it’s time you thought about them.

6. Pole Dance

That’s right. It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, pole dance is an uninhibited art form that will set you loose! Not only will you uncover your sexiest self, it can also be a fun surprise for your partner in the bedroom!

7. Family Time

These are probably some of your last moments as a family minus your partner. You will never fly solo at a relative’s wedding again or have the opportunity to laugh at your cousin for what he did when he was seven without some people looking confused. Make the most of this time by bonding with them!

8. Go on a date with your best friend

It’s been a while since you two have had one of your long conversations. Dress up, pick them up and go back to the place you two used to when you were both single and confused. Ask them what they really, truly think of the person you are getting married to and if they think you are ready. You’ll know why they’re your best friend soon enough.

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