Yes. It’s true. And no paparazzi knows of it yet. Except our Jinns of course.

Hollywood star Brad Pitt is in Mumbai for a very hush-hush promotion of his upcoming film ‘War Machine’ for Netflix. It will be a glittering stage event in Mumbai, at the Trident (Nariman Point) this evening; where Brad will be in conversation with his desi counterpart – superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

Only a select few Editors and publications are invited and absolutely No video/ cameras/ mobiles etc. are going to be allowed in. It has surprised the media that such a hugely newsworthy event is being kept so much under wraps; because not too many people are aware of ‘War Machine’ in India just as yet. Hence, in the long tradition of big studios (some having shut down operations in India) like Disney (India), Reliance Big Pictures and our some of our own homegrown, individual-owned studios; Netflix too is banking on big Indian stars to see them through. Possibly, according to industry watchers, a mistake that the above-mentioned have already made.

However, the chasing after mega stars as a remedy continues. Thus, the brightest of them all – Shah Rukh, comes into play, it will be he who will be the one driving eyeballs to this spectacular film on a platform still being tested (tasted) by Indian viewers. So, it’ll be SRK – more prominent on a stage with Brad. To promote a Brad Pitt movie directed by the brilliant screenwriter-director David Michod (of ‘Animal Kingdom’ 2010) fame.

Hopefully, SRK can help Brad drive viewers to a movie that actually needs no promotion. But apart from ‘War Machine’, the conversation between the witty Khan and the charming Mr. Pitt shall be a treat and a talking point on social media nevertheless.

SRK and Brad Pitt India MemesSRK and Brad Pitt India Memes


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