Yes, yes, it’s tough to break into Bollywood. We all know that. Unless you pay a big production house a shitload to ‘apparently produce’ a movie (like rumours about a jumpy-jack star insist); or like rumours of some young star-kid’s daddies had pooled in to launch their children with an established production house. Who knows?

But the South industry has always lapped up new ideas, new talents and innovations. Hence movies like Makhi, Robot, etc. Even the biggest stars innovate and even the newest stars are recognized for good work. Nepotism doesn’t really work as much in the south, maybe?

The movie that’s getting everyone excited lately is the South biggie Veedevadu (in Telugu) and called YaarIvan (in Tamil). A film about a murder mystery amidst the setting of a kabaddi tourney.

With cricket league owner and star businessman Sachiin Joshi starring along with hottie Esha Gupta in this uniquely positioned thriller, the film is set to storm the turnstiles on the 15th of September and is already generating huge positive buzz. Trade pundits are predicting a huge box office opening and super word of mouth.

Directed by Tatineni Satya, the film is produced by Raina Joshi under the Viiking Media & Entertainment banner. It also goes to show that quality content works anywhere. And the reason why most ‘nepotism driven’ Bollywood movies with mediocre content have fallen flat on their faces. It’s time for good content and good productions to take over. Whether the ‘dynasties’ like it or not.


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