Bollywood is considered to be one of the influential platforms over any other medium in the country. In this male dominant Bollywood industry, there isn’t a lot of onscreen power offered to the female actors. However, there are a few actresses who have managed to play extraordinary characters and win the hearts of the audience around the globe.

Here is a list of 10 most powerful female characters played in Bollywood.

Meera in No One Killed Jessica

rani mukherjee in no one killed jessicaRani Mukherjee stunned everyone with the character of Meera in No One Killed Jessica. She plays the character of a ferocious journalist who goes out of her ways struggles to get justice for an innocent girl who was viciously murdered in public.

Rani in Queen

kangana ranautKangana Ranaut plays the character of a confident and strong person who goes on her pre-planned honeymoon all alone after her fiancé cancels their wedding. She lives her life to the fullest in the solo trip that she takes emerging as a stronger person with a new perspective.

Neerja in Neerja
sonam kapoor in neerjaSonam Kapoor’s portrayal of this brave young woman, Neerja is the ultimate example of patriotism and humanity. This woman gave up her life to save the lives of many setting an example of valor.

Vidya Bagchi in Kahaani

Vidya Balan plays the character of a brave woman who fights for the unjustified death of her husband in a terrorist attack. She plans the trap and accomplishes her mission, in the end, collecting all the shreds of evidence.

Geet in Jab We Met

kareena kapoor in jab we metKareena Kapoor has played one of the best onscreen characters of her career as Geet in Jab We Met. Geet is a happy and bold character who breaks stereotypes with most of her actions.

Naina Talwar in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

deepika-yeh jawaani hai deewaniDeepika Padukone played the character of a sincere, obedient and nerdy girl who has a lot of adventures on her wish list. She has a mature perspective towards life that lets her discover life with a different standpoint.

Meghna Mathur in Fashion

priyanka-chopra-fashionPriyanka Chopra’s character as Meghna Mathur in the movie is about a girl who takes us on her journey of becoming a supermodel. The story involves the good, bad and the worst from the modeling world leaving an impactful message of staying connected to your roots in life.

Nishigandha in Corporate

bipasha basu in corporateBipasha Basu plays the character of a top-executive in a massive corporation who faces the conflict between the ethical and unethical ways of functioning. However, she emerges as a strong woman who chooses up her morals instead of success.

Ambar in Salaam Namaste

preity-zinta-in-salaam-namasteAmbar is an exceptional character played by Preity Zinta who runs away from her house to take charge of her life and accomplish herself. She inspires the audience to stand up for what you think is right.

Michelle in Black

rani mukherjee black
Rani Mukherjee plays the character of a dumb, deaf and blind girl by birth in this movie. This girl ends up becoming the only hold up for her aging teacher. This character introduces life with a new viewpoint.

Veera in Highway

Alia plays the character of Veera in Highway inspiring millions to stand up for definite things in life. She takes a stand against one of her family members who molested her at a young age.

Which among the above-mentioned character is your favorite?


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