Rajnikanth has a huge space on the silver screen as well as on cyberspace with hilarious jokes and memes. He is worshiped as God in South India. Every now and then we come across some of the craziest and funniest Superstar Rajnikanth meme, troll and jokes which will surely make the day lighter with laughter dose.

Here we have composed 15 most funny and entertaining memes which are definitely going to tickle your funny bone.

15 Best Rajnikanth Memes

01. Rajnikanth playing DHOL!

It’s pretty obvious that Aliens have to come down when Rajnikanth is playing the Dhol.

Best Rajnikanth Memes02. Who ticked the funny bone of Laughing Buddha?

Yes, you are right! The great Rajnikanth.

Best Rajnikanth Memes03. No one can point out towards Rajnikanth.

Why does the needle of a magnetic compass always point towards the North? Because Rajnikanth Lives in the South and no one has the guts to point it at him.

Fav Rajnikanth Memes04. Try Emailing Rajnikanth!

gmail@rajnikanth where hackers die, virus cries, Google shocks, and Rajnikant Rocks!

Best Rajnikanth Memes05. Rajanigandha inspired by Rajnikanth.

Fans of Rajnikanth took the brand to another level of creativity. You won’t skip to next without appreciating the craze of his fans towards Rajnikanth.

Best Rajnikanth Memes06. The real cause of Delhi Smog – Mind it!

A few days back we noticed everyone talking about our capital, which was covered, with smog. Twitter burst out with the trending #smog on that day and this meme of Rajnikanth took it to another level.

Best Rajnikanth Memes07. Diwali Celebration in Rajnikanth Style!

How can it go in an easy and usual way when Rajnikanth is in the mood for celebrating Diwali.

08. When he calls, you don’t have any option other than answering it.

Top Rajnikanth Memes09. Imagine a Rajnikanth ‘R’ series mobile phone.

A phone with a 24G network, 1000 megapixels camera, and 20 sim cards is only possible in Rajnikanth World.

Top Rajnikanth Memes10. We use Google. What does Google use to get information?

Well ask any Rajnikanth fan and you will come to know the answer.

Best Rajnikanth Memes11. What does it mean when it comes to the entertainment of Rajnikanth?

Rajnikanth Memes12. What do ghosts discuss when they meet each other?

If ghosts are meeting and discussing something then it has to be one and only Rajnikanth. Only he is able to add thrill to ghost’s life.

Best Rajnikanth Memes13. Who is bigger than Oscar?

People get nominated for Oscar and Oscar gets itself prepared for Rajnikanth

Best Rajnikanth Memes14. Did you just experience a hurricane?

Well, weather forecast warned that it is the Birthday of Rajnikanth and strong winds are expected while he is going to blow the candles.

Best Rajnikanth Memes15. Rajnikanth Coaching classes

When Superman, Spiderman, Superwoman and all other superheroes in one conference room, then Rajnikanth must have something serious stuff to teach all of them.

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