Bahubali – The Beginning tickled the imagination of the audience and the film industry with its extraordinary story, direction, and VFX. This South Indian movie stunned even the biggest Bollywood buffs and set some outstanding box office records. With Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion all set to amaze everyone on the silver screen; Bahubali is becoming a trademark across the globe. The perfect plot in the prequel that kept everyone highly engaged throughout the movie delivered a well-deserved climax fulfilling the expectation of the audiences.

Interesting Bahubali 2 Facts

The sequel is expected to surpass the high records by its very own prequel and this is what makes the wait for the movie so exciting for all the fans of the Bahubali brand. Here we have some exciting facts about the Upcoming movie Bahubali 2 that will make the wait worth its time.


The movie is believed to be filmed in two different languages, Tamil and Telugu alongside. A whopping budget of 2.5 billion is acknowledged to have been spent for the production costs of both the movies.

Apparently, the editing team has been joined by the internationally acclaimed editor of “The Incredible Hulk”, Vincent Tabaillon to work on the international version of the Indian adaptation.


The star cast of the movie is known to be highly dedicated towards their respective characters. Each actor did complete justice to the appearance of the character they played; in fact, they look every bit like their character.

The actors Prabhas and Rana have been following a strict diet in order to gain weight and gel into their respective characters. Prabhas has committed three years of his career to this movie by not signing any other project in the same time span. He has set up gym equipment worth 15 million in his own house with a personal trainer to contribute his timeline completely to the film.


The best thing that the prequel is remembered for is the climax. A lot is expected from the climax of Bahubali 2 as well; which the direction and production team has been very careful about. Apparently, there are three versions of the climax that have been shot in order to maintain the authenticity and flavor of the film in case any version gets leaked.

It is also understood, that the production cost of the climax is approximately Rs 30 crore, which is one-third of the budget of the complete film.


After making enormous records across the globe, Bahubali 2 is on the verge of signing up for a new record very soon. The franchise is known to be highly popular among the audiences and there is a massive booking going on for the same. It is anticipated to become the highest advance opening film on Bookmyshow.


There has been a lot of speculation about Bahubali 3 in the making with the release of Bahubali 2 coming up. The director himself confirmed that there will be a part three of the movie series in future but the story of the present parts will not be dragged in order to come up with another sequel. The third part would be something that will outshine the imagination of the audiences. Isn’t this another huge reason to gaze at the second part?


Do you remember the shot at the waterfalls? Of course you do; after all, this was one of the most loved location and shot of the film. There are rumors that the makers of the film have made sure that they showcase more of the location with some interesting sequences in Bahubali 2.


The graphics and VFX of the film Bahubali– The Beginning, is believed to be the USP at its best by one and all. But according to the cinematographer of the movie, there were numerous disappointments in terms of CGI and he wasn’t content with it. However, the sequences will be rectified in the sequel.

Bahubali – The Conclusion releases on 28 April 2017 in the theaters near you. Be sure to watch the movie. Stay tuned for more action and updates from Bahubali 2 only on Jinnions.


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