Scroll down to any tourism website and you would come across the same utterly repetitive names of the places to visit. While there’s an entire lifetime to follow the herd, it’s your 20s that demand some unconventional exploring which can be anomalous places. To motivate you further, the so-called ‘popular places to visit before you die’ are usually overcrowded with tourists from across the globe, raiding the true experience of traveling and soul searching. To experience the true bliss of wandering, we have listed 50 eccentric places to explore in your 20s (Alphabetical order). Go ahead and unleash your serenity.

Anomalous Places to Visit

1. Atacama Desert, Chile

Yes, the first one is a desert. Nothing as vast and calm as layers of sand moulding into one of the world’s most spectacular sights on earth. Minimal clothing, sun bathing and a true exploration site for a soul wanderer.

2. Bagan, Myanmar

A relatively untouched place filled with ancient temples packing some of the most historic and stunning art found on planet earth. Tourists are at minimal levels and tranquility unmatched.

3. Big Sur, CA

If hiking and camping is your zen, this place is the one for you. The view post your hikes are blessed with endless waves splashing on contrasting rocks. A place worth a thousand words!

4. Beirut, Lebanon

The capital of Lebanon, also called as “Paris of the Middle East”, this city has it all. There are tonnes of places to explore and party at. The mix of middle eastern meals and stunning views make it one of the must visit places if you love exploring new cities.

5. Belgrade, Serbia

A remote destination offering an authentic feel of village lifestyle from a secluded part of Serbia. The hospitality, food and calmness is an absolute surprise in this remote town.

6. Broome, Australia

Filled with remote beaches and historic cultural quaintness, Broome is a place to blow the steam off and unwind.

7. Brussels, Belgium

Filled with architectural picturesque and a whole bunch of things to do, Brussels has a unique approach to life. Tasty food and fun people complete the experience.

8. Budva, Montenegro

A nightlife that rivals some of the most exciting places on earth and places that will make for some stunning portraits on your memory wall, Budva gratifies the youth like no other destination can. From late night parties to serene day trips, this is a small heaven on earth.

9. Cartagena, Colombia

Beaches and colonial architecture are the highlights of Cartagena. Filled with enough places to leave your mind content, Cartegena will get you hooked to it.

10. Chavin de Huantar, Peru

Mostly unknown despite Peru’s attraction to tourists, Chavin de Huantar is over a century old compared to the usual tourist attractions in Peru. Historic symbolism makes it rich in content and a rather unconventional place in Peru.

11. Coles Bay & Freycinet National Park, Tasmania, Australia

Yes, it is a national park. A park filled with every essence of Australia in secure boundaries. Hike, Camp, explore and live the Australian dream.

12. Corsica, France

When you think of France, the first thing that pops is Paris. Corsica is an island in France and considered to be one of the most beautiful places on this planet. Need we say more!

13. Eilat, Israel

A place where the desert ends at the sea seems interesting enough to make this list. From some of the tastiest foods to unparalleled sights, Eilat is unreally beautiful.

14. El Chaltén, Argentina

A 1985 town stuck in time with hippie culture and several adventures to explore, this is a perfect destination for backpackers.

15. Freetown Christiania, Denmark

The self-governing section of Copenhagen, established in 1971 by a group of hippies, this is a city within a city. It’s a great place to smoke some quality weed and trip on the artistic nature of this place.

16. Galle, Sri Lanka

A fort built and preserved since 1963, Galle is a serene place filled with historic sights. You will definitely explore more than what meets the eyes.

17. Gallipoli, Turkey

Dwell in the stunning views of the Aegean Sea and witness a page from the massacre of world war I. It is an historic habitation with unread pages from the history of mankind.

18. Gothenburg, Sweden

Streets filled with art and music, Gothenburg is a place that will leave a permanent smile in your mind.

19. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

A UNESCO World Heritage site for a certain reason being its marvelous beauty, the clear waters will rejuvenate your inner self.

20. Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico

A rather remote island filled with blue clear waters and stunning beaches, this island measures, only 22 miles long and four miles wide. You can cover the entire island on your visit.

21. Isle of Skye, Scotland

Located on the west coast of Scotland, The Isle of Skye is a beautiful island to say the least. From exploring Dunvegan castle to the vivid town of Portree to eating fish and chips while sipping one of the tastiest whisky on offer, this island is a gateway to another realm.

22. Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area, China

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site and some of the most spectacular waterfall sights, make this area one of its kind.

23. Juqueí, Brazil

Come here for the seafood. While most other parts of Brazil are famously known, this place will offer it all with some of the tastiest meals from the aqua world.

24. Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal is one of the most sought out places for soul searching by backpackers across the globe. Naturesque and calmness are enough to set your balance right.

25. Kazan, Russia

Where in the world can you find a blend of Islam and Christianity as beautiful as this? With a perfect mix of European and Asian symbolism, this place is lovely, notable and cosmopolitan.

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26. Killarney, Ireland

Irish culture dominates Killarney. The authentic taste of Irish Whisky and the national park dominate this place. From exploring the essence of Ireland to several other activities in the lap of nature make it irresistible.

27. Lake Garda, Italy

This is the largest lake in Italy. Being in Italy, the food is exceptional while it is allowed to swim and relax by the lake. Swimming in Italy’s largest lake sounds fun, eh!

28. Ljubljana, Slovenia

A place in the lap of the Ljubljanica River, Ljubljana houses some of the best people one can find on this earth. They love sharing their party DNA and will welcome you to explore the place with them.

29. Lofoten Islands, Norway

Located in the northern part of Norway, the Loften Islands offer something for every kind of adventurer. Fishing is a specialty here with a contrasting hiking option available for the more advanced traveler.

30. Mestia, Georgia

Mestia is a secluded town located in Northern Georgia, offering a breathtaking view of the Caucasus mountains. Come here and sip the Georgian wine as you hike the glaciers while enjoying the heart warming hospitality across the town.

31. Monasterio de Piedra Park, Spain

Also known as waterfall park, thanks to the beautiful waterfalls, this park also houses a monastery built by the Moors. It’s the perfect blend of hiking, backdrop and antiquity.

32. Montreal, Canada

Been planning that Europe tour since long and feel the cash crunch. No worries, Montreal is the place that will cover the bill for you. Places to explore and tasty meals await you here. Europe is beautifully captured as the essence is absolutely European. Would be hard to explain that you were not in Europe.

33. New Orleans, LA, USA

One look at New Orleans will make you notice that this place is different. A mixture of several cultures has made this place absolutely vibrant. From architecture that portrays European influence to Caribbean music and diverse variety of meals, this place is several places in one.

34. Okinawa Island, Japan

About 400 miles from the mainland, this island is located in the heart of nature. Activities range snorkeling to Scuba diving to relaxing on the tropical beaches.

35. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this park is nurtured with attractive lakes, caves and waterfalls. Filled with wildlife, this place is a great escape into the heart of nature.

36. Pyongyang, North Korea

North Korea, the name is enough to send chills down your spine, but this is a place you must visit at least once. Not only will it offer true insights on being human, but also make you appreciate the diversity of human nature across the globe.

37. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland, which truly captures the artistic nature of the country. Be dazzled by the insanely beautiful landscapes and designs that engulf the artist in you.

38. Rotorua, New Zealand

Come here and relax in the natural hot springs, mud pools and geysers, while you enjoy the scenic beauty at its best.

39. Rumbur Valley, Pakistan

Away from the modernity of this world without the luxuries of electricity and phones, Rumbur Valley in Pakistan, preserves the true soul of mother earth.

40. Seoraksan National Park, South Korea

Housing the Seoraksan Mountain, the third highest mountain in South Korea, this Park is a soul destination for hikers and adventure travelers.

41. Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia

Want to see some of the rarest wildlife species? This is the destination for you. From flying squirrels to unseen patterns on some of the most majestic species, this National Park is crowded with nature’s art.

42. Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia

The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway course in the world, extending from Moscow all the way to Siberia. Russia, being as massive as it is, this is one of the best ways to explore it.

43. Tulum, Mexico

Located next to Mayan Ruin, one can dig into the history of this place while enjoying the beautiful landscapes that will have you question your reality.

44. Tzaneen, South Africa

From a monkey sanctuary to a pleasant tropical atmosphere, Tzaneen is Africa personified.

45. Ulan Bator, Mongolia

One of the most remote places on this planet, the preserved history and culture will connect you with an unseen civilization.

46. Varanasi, India

From the authentic Indian culture to some of the most stunning colours, this city has it all and much more. A photographic destination with some really interesting stories, this place is home to one of the oldest civilizations on the planet.

47. White Sands, NM, USA

One of a kind place as it houses the White Sands National Monument, the world’s largest gypsum dunefield. How large is it you ask? How does 275 square miles of white sand sound?

48. Yerevan, Armenia

A stunning view of Mount Ararat coupled with unique historic architecture, hospitable people and a unique blend of food with your favourite poison will leave you wanting for more.

49. Zaanse Schans, The Netherlands

Right next to Amsterdam is this beautiful place which features some of the largest windmills, museums and whole lot more.

50. Zanzibar, Tanzania

A perfect mix of history and culture, Zanzibar is a place that holds its mark on the globe.

Do you have an anomalous places to add to the list? Please share it with us in the comments section.


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