You must be aware of the accomplishments of SRK. He has risen from the humblest of backgrounds to capture the hearts of billions. From standing in long queues of auditions to standing tall amongst the richest actors in the world. Who would have imagined, in the presence of Shehenshah, we would have someone establish himself as the Baadshah of Bollywood. Yes, we are talking about our very own King Khan. Here are a few reasons why everyone loves Shah Rukh Khan.

Reasons Why We Love Shah Rukh Khan

1)From a regular Delhi boy to acting in a television series named Circus. To capturing 70mm as the boy next door. To becoming one of the wealthiest actors in the world. He has seen it all, done it all, walked every possible path of life and challenged every possible crossroads. His life is definitely not less than an inspiration.

2) His charming personality and a status quo of a power packed entertainer make all the brands go gaga behind him. Everyone wants to have him on board which makes him one of the wealthiest actors in the world. Through this, he has definitely put India on the world map.

3) His witty replies are apt, perfectly timed and definitely the most sought after talk of the day, until of course, you do not end up being the subject of his talk. Have a look:

4) His performances in iconic movies like DDLJ, KKHH, and KHNH are quite memorable. On one hand, they gave all the gorgeous girls out there a perfect boyfriend’s character to hone their guys with. On the other, guys could learn some tricks to impress their girls with. All in all something for every youth.

5) With almost the entire female fraternity harboring a secret love for him in their hearts and everyone wanting to have a piece of his stardom, he has been one hell of a loyalist with regards to his family, taking out time for each one of them. Along with being a very successful actor and a businessman, he surely knows how to be a good family man.

6) If his previous year’s blockbusters weren’t enough, brace yourself for some really good cinema coming out of his bandwagon. Check out the posters here:

7) His stardom, fan following, and piles of moolah riding on his name should give him all the reason to be haughty and arrogant. But on the contrary, he has always been humble and thankful to his fans and has always greeted them with warmth. Have a look:

8) Not many people know that Shah Rukh, at his time, was the only Indian to have received a UNESCO Award for Charity.

9) And of course, his dimples and floppy hair make him look even more adorable.

He is our very own evergreen star! Share your views about SRK with us and check out more about what’s trending with Bollywood.


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