Street names can be confusing at times. While most street names are unclear or way too common to confuse everyone, here are 15 street names that will definitely have the courier guys bursting out in laughter when they deliver your products at home or office. One thing is for sure – You wouldn’t want to be associated with these street names!

15 Weird Street Names Across

1. We know this can be awkward, but then naming an entire street on this awkwardness is purely comical. Only if the direction was straight, it would make perfect sense.

2. Possibly someone farted while brainstorming the name for this road and they took it literally. Remember to roll up your windows while passing through this road.


3. When the smoke scents familiar and music sounds good, you know you’ve entered…


4. And while you do come to Stoner Street, get your….


5. Where do all the sexually active people stay?


6. Breaking bad anyone?


7. Enter at your own risk! Hannibal alter!


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8. This road might be straight, slightly curved and may vary in size.


9. Some weird sadistic people stay on this road. Beware of anyone who offers a cleaning help.


10. Women rule this road…


11. Any guess who erected this road?


12. Hey, what are we having tonight?


13. Available on the intersection no. 377, this road is all that is missing in your life


14. Now, this is a place I would love to stay. Imagine the mind-boggling struggle that a deliver guy must be going through. If movie villains had a choice, they’d all be in this neighborhood.


15. Really! I mean, really!!


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