Love is like a drug. When you are in love, everything feels new.
Being in love is the best feeling in the world. The only thing that surpasses this feeling is falling in love. Different people define love differently. Some have been in love often and know the feeling quite well whereas others might confuse love with deep infatuation.
Here are 12 signs that prove you’re falling in love for real.

You check your phone every 20 seconds
If you find yourself glancing at your phone all the time to check maybe if you have missed any calls or messages, then we are definitely talking about love.

You feel like you’re high
If feeling out of mind is your current lifestyle then there is a good chance that you are falling for someone. It is absolutely normal for you to act nonsensically.

Even two minutes is worth
If you are in love, then by now you must have become the person who doesn’t mind staying in with him all day long. Two minutes with him would sound special than a whole day out without him.

You cannot stop thinking about them
Whether you are walking around or shopping your favorites, he is the one constant thought that plays on your mind. You certainly wish for his presence wherever you go.

Your appetite shrinks
Remember the butterfly feeling? Well, if you are feeling a lot less hungry than you’re usual ever then it’s not because your stomach is going crazy but because you are falling in love.

You are more energetic
You feel alive, energetic and productive every single day. Love is like a drug and this drug works for your best self. This crazy experience takes you to an unthinkable feel in life.

You get defensive
You cannot take the fact that your best friends talk any rubbish about him. They might be right but you sure can’t handle it and get all defensive.

You are less attracted to others
Be it any damn hotness in the world, it just doesn’t catch your attention the same way anymore. He is just perfect for you and you want no more.

You can’t concentrate at work
There will be many instances when you are supposed to be working but instead, you’re daydreaming about him. Not just that, he is on your mind every time that doesn’t let you be present anywhere mentally.

You would rather stay in with him
You have become that person loves staying in with your partner rather than going out.

You actually miss ‘Bae’
You actually mean when you say these three words ‘I miss you’. You can’t just get enough of him.

You are scared
In spite of all these super cool feeling that you are going through, there is a tiny part in you who is afraid of losing him.

Always remember, the biggest obstacle to love is denial. It is very scary to realize that you’re in love for many and saying no to love comes out as an easier option.
Even if some of these signs relate to your current lifestyle then you’re in love for sure.


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